Infantile - No Rules

Infantile Baby

i n f a n t i l e f b 6 o v h 4 . o n i o n

Infantile is a mini introduction point to the deep web, and we also run a mail server, a XMPP server, and IRC server. You can use Infantile XMPP on any platform with gajim for computers and Chatsecure on Android/iOS phones. Our communications service offers terrific security and you and your friends could benefit.

Infantile runs without rules and restrictions on users. You can talk to anyone you like about anything you like. We do not care what you use our services for.

The onion domain infantilefb6ovh4.onion is available on the Tor network. It can be accessed using the Tor Browser Bundle. Though if you plan on more than curiousity: use a Tails or Whonix system.

Be very careful about what you share on the deep web. Lives have become in danger because of poor operational security. Use discretion at all times, and don't believe everything you hear. Your choice of currency also has security implications, a lot of people should have used Monero.

Contact via email about abuse coming from this domain.